RNLI/HM Coastguard Training Exercise



The popular BBC2 program Saving Lives at Sea will show many dramatic and some maybe not so dramatic, rescues! However, what it does not show are the many hours of training the volunteer crews are required to complete, (training that is not without its own dangers). An example of this is a recent training exercise with HM Coastguard. When new crew members experienced for the first time the complex procedures of working alongside the HMCG team in casualty evacuation.


Eight Shouts in 10 Days for Salcombe RNLI

Only 14 days into the month of August, and already the volunteer crews of Salcombe RNLI are seeing a sharp increase in calls

The inshore lifeboat launched on August 5 at 12.10pm to assist with a medical emergency within the harbour. After stabilising the casualty, with the assistance other medical professionals, the casualty was transferred to a waiting ambulance and transported to a waiting air ambulance.

Then on August 13 just before 8pm the lifeboat was put back into action to reports of a vessel unable to start its engine in Starehole Bay, and close into the rocks. The lifeboat located the casualty, started the vessels engine and escorted the casualty back to its mooring in Salcombe Harbour.

It’s also been an extremely busy time for the all-weather lifeboat.

On August 3 the lifeboat was paged at 2.20pm to search for an overdue fishing boat whose last known location was some 15 miles south of Salcombe. The vessel was eventually located near to the coast of Guernsey. On August 4 at 4.15pm the crew launched to locate a 24ft powerboat three miles south of Start Point. Once located, the casualty was towed back to Salcombe.

On August 9, the all-weather lifeboat launched at 3.50pm to a 33ft fishing vessel with engine failure two miles south of Prawle Point with two people on board. Upon arrival a tow was established, and the vessel brought back to Salcombe.

Less than 24 hours later at 2.10pm on August 10 it was launched again to a 28ft powerboat with engine failure just south of the Gregory rocks, the vessel was located, and a tow established, and brought back to Salcombe.

Then the following day on August 12 at 4.15pm the lifeboat was tasked to locate a small dinghy reported to be drifting with no occupant 12 miles south east of Start Poin. The vessel was not located after a lengthy search in conjunction with Coastguard helicopter. The lifeboat was stood down and returned to Salcombe.

On August 13 at 7.30am the lifeboat launched to locate a 16ft boat with no occupant south of Start Point. The vessel was located, and a short search commenced, then the volunteers were finally stood down by the Coastguard.


2018 Annual Street Collections

The Salcombe Lifeboat Fundraisers held their annual street collections in Salcombe, Hope Cove and Kingsbridge recently raising an amazing £994.33.

A special thanks goes not only to the volunteer fundraisers for giving their time but also to the local communities who continue to support the volunteer Lifeboat crews of Salcombe.

Salcombe RNLI respond to medical emergency.

On Friday 13 July, RNLI Salcombe launched both the all-weather lifeboat and inshore lifeboat, to reports of medical incident on the rocks near Gammon Head.

Once on scene and alongside the rocks two volunteer inshore lifeboat (ILB) crew were able transfer to the rock to assess the casualty’s condition. Upon examination the volunteer crew, both with casualty care training, confirmed the casualty had sustained back injuries consistent with those of a heavy fall on rocks and was in considerable pain.

To help stabilise and secure the casualty, extra resources were obtained from the all-weather lifeboat (ALB), including a basket stretcher, pain relief and another crew member. Once stabilised the crew were able to execute a smooth transfer of the casualty from the rocks to the ILB and then on to the ALB for continued casualty care and return to shore.

Upon arrival into Salcombe Harbour the casualty remained onboard the ALB awaiting the arrival of an ambulance for onward transfer to Torbay Hospital.



Grand Raffle Winners

A message today from the winners of the RNLI Salcombe Fundraisers 2017 Grand Raffle.

Karen and Peter Hales

“Here as promised are some photos to record our fabulous visit to Mullion Cove Hotel. 

We have had a wonderful time. We are so lucky not only to have won but to have had glorious weather…almost too hot for exploring”! 

Tickets for the 2018 Raffle are now on sale.

Available from the RNLI Salcombe museum and shop and various other shops within the town.


Special Day

Sunday 24th June 2018 was a very special day for RNLI Salcombe Mechanic and eleven year veteran Sam Viles and his wife Paula.

For Salcombe Lifeboats it was a honour to host the Christening of Sam and Paula’s first child Iris, aboard the Salcombe All Weather Lifeboat, The Baltic Exchange III.

Best wishes go to Sam, Paula & Iris from the Crew at Salcombe Lifeboats.

Gun Salute

Regrettably, an urgent operational task has resulted in HMS SUTHERLAND being committed elsewhere and she will not now be able to join the flotilla of six lifeboats for the wreath-laying ceremony at 1215 on Thursday 27 October.

A small arms detachment from the Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth has, however, agreed to step into the breach and fire a 13 gun salute from 5.56mm rifles as the wreaths are laid – one gun for each soul lost; they will fire from a position in the gardens of “The Bolt” at South Sands which will be open from 11:45am.

A  Maritime and Coast Guard Agency rescue helicopter will also now join the lifeboats for the ceremony.

Although a disappointing development, SUTHERLAND’s absence will not detract from the principal aim, that of an appropriate commemoration of the disaster 100 years ago this week.

Memorial Stones Commemorate 1916 Lifeboat Disaster

Salcombe RNLI have arranged two large Memorial Stones to be placed on each side of the mouth of Salcombe Harbour overlooking the position where the Lifeboat capsized in 1916.

One of the Stones has been brought into Salcombe and is currently on display (until about the end if September) before going to its permanent site on the coastal footpath.


Events on 27th October 2016 to Commemorate the Centenary

On 27th October 2016, the Centenary of the capsize of the William and Emma, Salcombe Lifeboat Station will commemorate the tragic loss of 13 lives and give thanks for the saving of two with the following events :

10:00 am : Service of Commemoration in Holy Trinity Church Salcombe led by the Bishop of Plymouth, the Rt. Rev. Nick McKinnel. All are most welcome to attend.

During the service a “maroon” will be fired from the church tower to signal the beginning and end of a two-minute silence. The Bishop of Plymouth will also dedicate a plaque as a permanent memorial to those who perished in the disaster.

12:15 pm : Wreath laying at sea from “The Baltic Exchange III”, Salcombe’s All Weather Lifeboat, in the vicinity of the Bar;  “Joan Bate”, Salcombe’s Inshore Lifeboat and the Plymouth All Weather Lifeboat , will also be in attendance.

HMS Sutherland“, a Plymouth based Type 23 frigate, will fire a 13 gun salute as the wreaths are laid – one for each soul lost.  http://royalnavy.mod.uk/hmssutherland

The following decommissioned lifeboats will also take part in the ceremony:
• City of Bradford III (served on the Humber 1954-1977 and Lytham St Annes1978-1985).
• Samuel & Marie Parkhouse (now named Onoros) (served in Salcombe 1938-1962).
• Mary Irene Miller (served in Port Patrick 1989-2011).

After the ceremony all participating lifeboats will process up the harbour to Whitestrand.

Boat owners are welcome to witness the wreath laying ceremony from the water, we do however request that you remain a respectable distance from the main ceremony and do not impede the passage of the small flotilla of lifeboats as it makes its way to and from the event.

Mrs Angela Yeoman has kindly agreed to open her garden at “The Bolt”, South Sands from 1145 to those who wish to watch the wreath laying ceremony from the shoreline. (The Bolt is the penultimate house on the left on the road from South Sands out towards Overbecks & Bolt Head). Parking will be very limited and it is hoped that those who are able will park at North Sands and walk to South Sands. There will be some spaces available at the car park of the ex Tides Reach hotel. Entry to the gardens at the Bolt is at your own risk as the owner cannot accept responsibility for any loss or injury.

14:45 hrs : Talk/Presentation/Film show in Cliff House for reserved for the descendants of the 1916 crew and guests of Salcombe Lifeboat Station (by Invitation only). NB: This is the same talk/film as will be presented at other times during the summer – see “Talks and presentations”.