• 8th Aug 15:15 (38)

    ILB Launched to a report of 2 persons stranded on cliffs at Moor Sands. Following a lifeboat search of the shoreline and upper cliff area by Prawle CG, nothing found. Lifeboat returned to station

  • 4th Aug 21:42 (37)

    ILB Launched to a medical emergency within Salcombe Harbour area. Crew administered medical assistance to the casualty bringing him into the Lifeboat Station for onward transfer to hospital.  ILB readied for service.

  • 28th July 19:54 (36)

    ILB Launched to reports of 2 POB (an adult and child) a 25ft yacht with engine failure, East of Start Point. Vessel located and taken under tow. Returned to safety of Salcombe Harbour

  • 24th July 11:46 (35)

    ALB launched to reports of an upturned rescue vessel in mid channel. Vessel located and with the support of Torbay lifeboat, Helo 924 and Airsearch 1B, commenced a search for survivors. With nothing found CG stood services down and returned to station.

  • 18th July 13:26 (34)

    Salcombe ILB Launched to reports of a Boston Whaler with engine failure in Elender Cove. Vessel assisted into the safety of Salcombe Harbour. ILB returned to station and readied for service.

  • 15th July 16:23 (33)

    Salcombe ILB Launched to assist a 20ft Bayliner in difficulties off Bolt Head and with 4 POB. Vessel assisted into the safety of Salcombe Harbour.  ILB readied for service

  • 12th July 08:00 (32)

    Salcombe ALB Launched to reports of a FV with engine failure due to flooding, FV managed an engine restart and the ALB escorted her into Salcombe Harbour giving assistance with pumping out water.  ALB returned to station. Readied for service.

  • 10th July 11:45 (31)

    ALB Launched to reports of casualty having suffered a broken ankle at Maceley Cove off East Prawle.  Casualty brought into Salcombe Harbour for onward transfer to hospital. ALB return to station, readied for service.

  • 3rd July 12:29 (30)

    ALB launched in testing conditions to a report of a 30ft yacht with steering gear failure 0.5nm SE of Bolt Head. Casualty located a tow established and brought to the safety of Salcombe Harbour.  ALB return to station, readied for service.

  • 18th June 15:01 (29)

    CG requested ALB assist a 36ft sailing vessel, 6 people on board, with a fouled anchor in Starehole Bay. Vessel freed from anchor and assisted into Salcombe Harbour.  ALB returned to station and readied for Service.

  • 18th June 13:40 (28)

    Salcombe ALB launched to assist 27ft sailing vessel, 3 POB aboard, 1.5nm South of Bolt Head. Vessel suffering auxiliary outboard problems and she had rigging failure. Vessel brought into the safety of Salcombe harbour.  ALB re-tasked to a second call.

  • 17th June 17:14 (27)

    Salcombe ILB launched to assist a 20ft ‘Fast Fisher’ angling boat suffering engine failure, in the vicinity of Prawle Point, with 3 people on board. A tow was established bringing vessel to the safety of Salcombe harbour.  ILB returned to station, fuelled ready for service.

  • 14th June 03:20 (26)

    ALB tasked in response to signals from 2 PLBs 35nm South of Plymouth. Plymouth ALB, CG and helo also tasked. Whilst on route message received confirming Plymouth Lifeboat on scene and able to cover.  ALB stood down and returned to station.

  • 12th June 15:46 (25)

    ALB launched to a request for a medical evacuation from sailing vessel approximately 23 miles SW from Plymouth. Casualty transferred to the ALB for onward transfer to Plymouth. Once inside the breakwater casualty transferred to the Plymouth ILB for onward journey to shore.  ALB returned to Salcombe refuelled and readied for service.

  • 12th June 11:48 (24)

    ILB launched to a report of a capsized gig in the entrance to Salcombe Harbour with seven people in the water. Both Harbour launches and private boats were quickly on the scene and help all bring casualties to safety.  ILB was not required returned to station.

  • 10th June 22:25 (23)

    ALB Launched to reports of a former FV with 4POB inc’ 2 Children aboard with engine failure 2.4nm NE of Start Point. Vessel taken under tow into the safety of Dartmouth with assistance of RNLI Darts Atlantic85.  ALB returned to Salcombe.

  • 8th June 14:15 (22)

    ILB tasked to assist Coastguard team with casualty with a broken arm on a yacht on Normandy Pontoon. Casualty given pain relief and ILB crew assisted CG team with extracting casualty. A family member took the casualty to hospital by car.  ILB returned to station.

  • 8th June 03:50 (21)

    ILB Launched to assist casualty collapsed aboard a yacht moored in Salcombe Harbour. With difficulties in extracting casualty the Boarding boat attended with additional crew. Once ashore casualties’ onward journey to hospital via ambulance. Both ILB & BB returned to station.

  • 3rd June 15:46 (20}

    CG requested immediate launch of ILB to attend a lady with possible spinal injuries, aboard a Dory moored in Salcombe Harbour. Lifeboat crew assessed the situation and aided casualty to Batson Quay for onward transfer to hospital.  ILB returned to station.

  • 3rd June 14:40 (18 & 19)

    Both ALB & ILB Launch to assist in search for casualty reported caught in rip current off Soar Mill Cove. Other units involved in search, HC Lifeboat, Prawle Point CG and Helo. All units stood down following reports casualty was safely back on shore.  Both Lifeboats returned to Salcombe.

  • 30th May 19:45 (17)

    ALB reassigned by CG to a PanPan call from a vessel in difficulty Southeast of Start Point, with mechanical failure. Casualty vessel was assisted back into the safety of Salcombe Harbour.

    ALB returned to station.

  • 30th May 18:18 (16)

    ALB launched to assist a 32ft Yacht with engine failure 2nm Southeast of Prawle Point. On scene and with little chance of regaining power the casualty was taken under tow and brought to the safety of Salcombe Harbour.

  • 28th May 18:36 (15)

    ALB Launched to assist a 9m RIB suffering engine/battery problems 1nm North of Start Point, with two adults and a child on board. Crew managed to re-started Engine.

    ALB Stood down, returned to station.

  • 23rd May 08:30 (14)

    ALB launched to assist a 10mtr Fishing vessel with engine failure 1.5nm SW of Bolt Head. Casualty vessel was taken under tow and brought to the safety of Salcombe Harbour.

    ALB then made ready for service

  • 30th Apr 01:38 (13)

    ALB launched to assist a 70’ MVessel with engine failure approximately 10nm SW of Bolt Head with Four persons on board.  MV was aided into Salcombe Harbour and placed on a deep-water mooring.

    ALB made ready for service.

  • 22nd Apr 13:27 (12)

    ALB Launched to reports of a 27’ Yacht dragging anchor and drifting into the shoreline off Hope Cove, 1 POB plus dog. HCLB also attended and took the Yacht under tow into HC.

    ALB returned to Salcombe.

  • 16th Apr 22:30 (11)

    ILB launched to assist a 4.5 RIB broke down near W Charleton with 5 POB. Once on scene and with its engine restarted the RIB was able to make its way back to Salcombe.

    ILB accompanied RIB to Salcombe.

  • 1st Apr 13:38 (10)

    ALB tasked to provide medical assistance to casualty with suspected broken ankle at Soar Mill Cove. Casualty transferred to ALB and on to Salcombe for onward transfer to hospital.

    ALB returned to station.

  • 31st Mar 09:40 (9)

    ALB tasked to a mayday call from a yacht with broken mast, between Bolt Head and Bolt Tail .5nm offshore. Crew cut the rigging free and towed yacht back into Salcombe.

    ALB returned to station.

  • 30th Mar 20:13 (8)

    ILB launched to assist sailing vessel with 1 POB, engine problems in the vicinity of the Bar and struggling to enter harbour. CG messaged to say casualty provided incorrect location.

    ILB Stood down returned to station.

  • 19th Mar 16:08 (7)

    Salcombe ALB launched to reports of 3 persons having difficulty in getting back to shore off Challaborough. On route CG confirmed that all the casualties were safely ashore.

    ALB stood down returned to station.

  • 27th Feb 14:20 (6)

    Salcombe ALB assisted by Plymouth ILB, launched into rough seas to assist two people with their dogs and a capsized kayaker cut off by the tide on the River Erme.  Casualties helped back to shore.

  • 26th Feb 10:45 (5)

    Salcombe Lifeboat launched to assist a motor vessel taking on water within the harbour. Salvage pump deployed and casualty brought alongside Normandy. ALB made ready for service

  • 24th Feb 16:55 (4)

    Salcombe ALB tasked by CG to assist a windsurfer in difficulties between Burgh Islands and Bigbury. Crew assembled but stood down following a cancel alert from CG.  ALB available

  • 18th Feb 18:02 (3)

    Salcombe ALB tasked by CG to assist in a search for a woman reported missing at Blackpool Sands. During crew muster CG cancelled launch.  ALB available

  • 7th Feb 21:15 (2)

    Salcombe ALB launched to assist a French fishing vessel, reported to be in difficulties approx. 30nm SE of Salcombe. Shortly after launch CGuard confirmed assistance no longer required.  ALB returned to station.

  • 15th Jan 10:25 (1)

    Salcombe ALB, The Baltic Exchange III launched to the aid of a 52 ft power boat with one person onboard in difficulties 1nm South of Soar Mill Cove.  Vessel assisted into Salcombe Harbour.