• 5th Nov 12:20 (34)

    Salcombe ILB launched to assist a capsized sailing vessel, and one person in the water, near Smalls Cove. Also on scene was the East Portlemouth ferry with an adult male in the water and hanging onto the hull. ILB assisted in getting the casualty safely back ashore before returning to recover the casualty vessel. Ashore RNLI shore crew ensured casualty had access to shower, tea, and dry clothes.

    ILB returned to station and made ready for service.

  • 18th Oct 18:02 (33)

    ALB tasked to locate and assist a body boarder near Beesands, in the vicinity of Limpet Rocks. CG and CRT were also tasked, and able to recover the casualty, who was ashore, before the ALB reached the scene.

    ALB stood down and returned to station.

  • 18th Oct 08:51 (32)

    ALB tasked to reports of a sailboard adrift approximately 50m offshore in the vicinity of Bantham. Once on scene the Lifeboat crew were able to establish the owner of the board had been found, safely ashore and the board was spotted on rocks.

    ALB returned to station, readied for service.

  • 10th Sept 20:30 (31)

    Salcombe ALB launched in response to a Pan Pan call from an 8m motor vessel with engine failure and two people on board, between Bolt Head and Bolt Tail. Although anchor had been deployed it was dragging and taking vessel closer to the shoreline. Assistance was also offered to a second reported Pan Pan call from a sailing yacht with engine failure south of Gara Rock. Not required.

    With a tow line secured the ALB towed the casualty vessel into the safety of Salcombe Harbour.

  • 7th Sept 17:05 (30)

    ILB Launched today to reports of a distress whistle being heard off Start Point. With extremely poor visibility in the area a thorough search was conducted but nothing found. Following discussions with the CG the crew were stood down.

    Incident treated as a ‘false alarm with good intent’.

  • 21st Aug 23:14 (29)

    Salcombe ALB launched in response to a ‘pan pan’ call issued by a 27’ sailing yacht with three people on board. The yacht was two miles south-west of Bolt Head with engine and rig issues and on passage from Southampton to Saltash.

    Yacht taken under tow into the safety of Salcombe Harbour.

  • 20th Aug 12:21 (28)

    Salcombe ALB lifeboat launched at the request of the Coast Guard, to assist 36′ yacht held fast by a fouled prop, 0.5nm East of Start Point. On scene the lifeboat found a local fishing vessel assisting in freeing the disabled yacht. With the prop free from restrictions the yacht headed for Dartmouth.

    Salcombe ALB returned to station.

  • 17th Aug 16:28 (26 & 27)

    Both Salcombe ILB and ALB Launched along with Hope Cove Lifeboat and shore-based CG teams to reports of a missing 16-year-old paddle border at South Milton Sands. Following an extensive 60-minute search the casualty was found safe and well ashore.

    All emergency services returned to their stations.

  • 15th Aug 18:42 (25)

    Whilst at sea on exercises, Salcombe ILB was tasked by CG to assist a 6m pleasure fishing vessel, with engine failure south of Prawle. With a tow established, the vessel was brought into the safety of Salcombe Harbour.

    Towed into Salcombe and transferred to Harbour Authority.

  • 4th Aug 10:26 (24)

    Salcombe ILB Launched at the request of the CG to a 10-metre motor vessel suffering engine failure, 2nm South of the Bar.  With 9 persons onboard a tow was quickly established.

    Vessel brought back to the safety of Salcombe Harbour.

  • 29th July (22 & 23)

    Again, the ILB was re-tasked by the CG to a 29ft sailing vessel that had lost its rudder in the vicinity of the Skerries. Once alongside the casualty vessel a tow was established, and the decision was made to tow her to Dartmouth. Due to anticipated problems of the ILB towing the yacht without her rudder the ILB helm requested the assistance of Salcombe ALB. A successful tow achieved, and ALB launch was cancelled.

    ILB returned to Salcombe where she was rehoused and made ready for service. 2.5hrs after launch.

  • 29th July (21)

    ILB immediately re-tasked to another group of paddle boarders off Slapton Line who appeared to be drifting out to sea. Again, before arriving on scene, the casualties were reported to have made it back to shore without assistance.

    Crew again re-tasked.

  • 29th July 15:46 (20)

    Salcombe ILB was tasked by the CG to assist two teenagers on paddleboards approximately 3/4 of a mile off Hallsands beach drifting further out to sea. Before arriving on scene, the crew were stood down as casualties had been recovered by a fishing boat and returned to the shore.

    Crew re-tasked.

  • 20th July 12:20 (19)

    Salcombe ALB Launched to assist a Danish FV with engine failure 25nm south of Start Point, in the middle of the busy shipping lanes of the English Channel. Whilst under tow the crew of the FV were able to restart one of their engines and requested the tow be terminated and she continued under her own ‘steam’. The lifeboat remaining alongside in a shadowing role, before returning to Salcombe.

    FV comfortable with decision to continue without support. Another 4.5 hr shout.

  • 16th July 13:24 (18)

    Both ALB and ILB lifeboats, launched to reports of a 6.9m rib stranded on rocks in Starehole Bay. Reports of 5 people onboard initially but some now in the water. 4 persons and a dog were recovered and brought back to the safety of Salcombe Harbour. A fifth casualty was able to make his own way back to Salcombe.

    4 person and a dog rescued and bought safely back to Salcombe. The rib was later salvaged.

  • 9th July 07:07 (16) 2023

    Salcombe ALB launched to reports from the CG of a yacht having lost its rudder, 30nm SSE of Salcombe. 1.5 hrs later the stricken vessel, was located in the middle of the busy shipping lanes of the English Channel, and a tow established and a 5hr passage back to Salcombe began.

    The yacht berthed awaiting damage assessment.

  • 8th July 20:37 (0) 2023

    Following a CG request, crews assembled in preparation to launch to a report of 3 persons and 2 dogs on the rocks south of Sunny Cove. In discussions between Harbour Master, CG & RNLI it was agreed that due to location and sea conditions there was little the lifeboat could do at the scene.

    Crews stood down.

  • 1st July 18:55 (15) 2023

    ALB launched to reports of a Kite Foil in difficulties 0.5nm off Torcross, in the knowledge that Dart ILB also launched. The ALB would have increased search capabilities, if required. On scene Dart reported casualty located and taken onboard.

    Salcombe ALB stood down and returned to station.

  • 16th June 10:27 (14) 2023

    ALB Launched to assist a 29’ sailing yacht that had become snagged on a ‘pot buoy’, approximately 0.5nm south of Start Point. After assessment the casualty vessel, which was further south than reported, was towed into the safety of Salcombe Harbour.

    Tow passed to Harbour Authority for mooring.

  • 14th June 16:48 (13) 2023

    ILB Launched at the request of the Coast Guard to assist an 11m yacht with no propulsion, approximately 0.5nm south of the Mew Stone. After an on-scene appraisal and being on the edge of the harbour limit, the decision was made to tow the casualty into harbour.

    Casualty was berthed on Normandy pontoon to await inspection.

  • 3rd June 12:02 (12) 2023

    ALB & Hope Cove ILB launched in response to a May Day call, from a 37′ yacht taking on water, 3NM South West of Bolt Tail. The Skipper was also reporting 2 PoB being extremely sick. On scene Salcombe ALB transferred a crew member to yacht to assist, and with the lifeboat as escort, made for the safety of Salcombe.

    Alongside inspection confirmed breach in the Starboard Hull.

  • 1st June 11:30 (11) 2023

    ALB Launched to assist with a medical emergency, aboard a 26′ yacht 2nm South of Start Point.  Casualty had been unconscious, but now conscious and bleeding from the head, after being struck by the boom. 2 ALB crew members transferred to the yacht, to conduct Casualty Care, and were soon joined by a Paramedic from Helo Rescue 924. The Casualty vessel then made its way to Salcombe Harbour escorted by the ALB.

    Once alongside Casualty Care continued whilst awaiting arrival of an Ambulance, and onward transfer to hospital.

  • 28th May 13:25 (10) 2023

    ILB Launched in response to an SOS text, received by the CG from a casualty in a sea kayak between Salcombe and Hope Cove. Casualty located close to Bolt Head and in no difficulty.

    SOS text sent in error.

  • 27th May 00:14 (9) 2023

    Following a CG request, crews assembled in preparation to launch and search for a 20ft motorboat with 1POB and 2 hours overdue. As lifeboat was being readied, the tasking was cancelled.

    Casualty arrived at home address.

  • 1st May 10:52 (9) 2023

    ALB Launched initially to a 10m FV disabled 1nm South of Start Point. Once on scene crew updated info and confirmed casualty as a 10m yacht with one POB. ALB crew member transferred to yacht to assist in the safe towing of casualty vessel into safety of Salcombe Harbour.

    ALB cleaned over and readied for service.

  • 18th Apr 22:45 (8) 2023

    ALB Launched in response to reports of a medical emergency onboard a 27’ yacht anchored in Hope Cove. Casualty assessed and brought back to Salcombe for onward transfer via ambulance to hospital.

    ALB readied for service.

  • 10th April 22:40 (7) 2023

    ALB Launched to assist CG and Police in a search for two young missing persons between Challabrough and Burgh Island. A thorough search of the area was carried out with nothing found. The two young persons were later found safe and well.

    ALB stood down return to station 01:00

  • 8th Apr 15:17 (6) 2023

    ALB Launched in response to a “MayDay” call from a 21ft yacht with 2 POB a broken tiller and in rough seas. Vessel taken under tow into safety of Salcombe Harbour.

    ALB readied for service.

  • 27th Mar 18:51 (5) 2023

    ALB launched to reports of a 10m Motor Vessel with engine failure. Initial location was sketchy but suspected to be off Start point! Vessel located and taken under tow into Dartmouth.

    ALB returned to station.

  • 14th Mar 16:24 (3&4) 2023

    Both ALB & ILB Lifeboats launched to assist Police and CG teams in an incident involving a search for a High-Risk missing person. Individual located; lifeboats stood down.

    Both vessels returned to station.

  • 14th Feb 10:32 (2) 2023

    ALB responded to reports of two kayaks in difficulties off Burgh Island with one person in the water. ALB recovered both casualties from the water before their return to shore via Hope Cove Lifeboat.

    ALB returned to Salcombe.

  • 6th Feb 14:18 (1) 2023

    ALB launched to a 36ft yacht suffering electrical and mechanical failure approximately 9nm West of Salcombe.

    Vessel brought to safety of Salcombe.

  • 18th Sep 00:28 (48) 2022

    ALB launched to a medical emergency aboard a yacht moored within the Salcombe Harbour. Casualty evacuated to shore for onward transfer to Derriford hospital.

    ALB readied for service.

  • 15th Sept 01:37 (47) 2022

    ALB Launched to reports of a 39 ft motor cruiser with loss of all power off Biddle Head, Salcombe. Vessel taken under tow into the safety of Salcombe Harbour.

    ALB returned to berth.

  • 12th Sept 01:42 (46) 2022

    ALB launched to assist a 39′ motor vessel with electrical failure 1.3nm South of Start Point, with 3 POB and drifting for 2 hours. Taken under tow returned safety of Salcombe Harbour.

    ALB returned to station.