The warmer weather may well bring the temptation to head for the sea but please remember.
While you are allowed out for daily exercise, we do not recommend that this exercise is on or in the sea. Our charity’s lifeboat service is still available but every time a lifeboat crew is called to an incident, it puts additional pressure on RNLI volunteers and other front-line emergency services as well as potentially exposing them to COVID-19.

The Salcombe RNLI family want to recognise the incredible work, dangers and pressure facing our NHS Staff during this COVID-19 pandemic.
In particular we think of two of the Salcombe volunteer lifeboat crew members currently on the front line.

Miss Esther McLarty. Consultant Urological Surgeon.

Esther has been a member of the Salcombe crew since 2009, and crewed both the ALB and ILB lifeboats, only stepping down from the roles when daughter Molly-May arrived. Esther’s partner Richard (Tricky) Clayton is also a member of the crew holding the position of Deputy Second Coxswain.

Esther also serves as Lifeboat Medical Advisor, for Salcombe RNLI.

Jeff Gillard. Emergency Care Assistant (Bristol Ambulance) Working for NHS SW Ambulance.

Jeff is in his second term with Salcombe RNLI having re-joined in September 2017, now covering the Falmouth area for the NHS sees very little of home these days with a continual need to work extended hours.

Jeff has said the public response to NHS staff has been remarkable, an example of which is shown in the letter he found on his car.

Please remember the single most important action we can all take in fighting COVID-19 is to stay at home in order to protect Esther, Richard, Molly-May and Jeff and all those working for the NHS and save lives.