• 28 Sept 14:43 (39)

    Salcombe ALB tasked to assist a 10m fishing boat with one-person onboard, approximately 2nm South of Salcombe, which had suffered engine failure.  Casualty vessel towed into Salcombe.

  • 20 Sept 09:34 (38)

    ALB launched to assist a 28ft yacht with two persons on board and engine failure, in the vicinity of Start Point. Scruffy seas prevented another vessel from assisting.  Casualty vessel taken under tow to Dartmouth.

  • 14 Sept 17:57 (37)

    Salcombe ALB Launched following a request from the CG, to a 34ft single handed yacht off Bolt Head in difficulties having lost engine power and drifting. Lifeboat attached a tow and returned to Salcombe.

  • 7 Sept 15:12 (36)

    Salcombe ALB launched at request of CG to return to MFV incident as the second FV, Julie of Ladrum, was reporting that she had fouled the towline. Plymouth ALB also launched to assist, the lifeboats took both MFV taken under tow.

  • 7 Sept 11:50 (35)

    Whilst returning from its previous call the Salcombe ILB is reassigned to a power boat in difficulty with engine failure off Start Point.  Vessel taken under tow and returned to Salcombe Harbour.

  • 7 Sept 11:05 (34)

    CG requested Salcombe ALB continue to MFV Stephanie as she was again taking on water. On arrival it was found that water was being pumped out and ingress was under control. Stephanie was also under tow from a second MFV.

  • 7 Sept 11:00 (33)

    Salcombe ALB redirected to MFV Stephanie, taking on water 20nm South of Start Point. Plymouth lifeboat and CG helicopter also deployed. All stood down after receiving a message from MFV indicating situation under control.

  • 7 Sept 10:55 (31 & 32)

    Salcombe ALB and ILB Launch in response to a Mayday call from a French racing yacht on the rocks near Start Point.

  • 4 Sept 14:24 (30)

    Salcombe ALB launched on service to a 10m Ketch with fouled rudder/prop 0.5nm ESE of Start Point.  Ketch taken under tow into Salcombe Harbour.

  • 3 Sept 14:55 (29)

    Salcombe ALB launched in support of Dart & Prawle CRT’s in a joint effort to rescue a dog which had fallen over the cliff at Ravens Cove. Successful outcome and dog returned to owner.

  • 28 Aug 15:05 (28)

    Salcombe ALB launched to reports of a sailing vessel with six people onboard and having a fouled rudder and propeller, between Bolt Head and Soar Mill Cove. Lifeboat took the vessel under tow and returned to Salcombe Harbour.

  • 23 Aug 13:30 (26 & 27)

    Both Salcombe ALB and ILB tasked to a 42ft yacht approximately half a mile South of Salcombe Bar with a reported fire in the engine compartment. After accessing the situation it was decided to take the yacht under tow and return to Salcombe.

  • 20 Aug 14:32 (25)

    Salcombe ILB launched to reports of a capsized dinghy on the Salcombe Bar. Lifeboat stood down following confirmation an off-duty member of the lifeboat crew in the area had managed to attach a tow and return casualty vessel and crew to shore.

  • 18 Aug 13:21 (24)

    Salcombe ALB launched to assist a 13m sailing vessel with steering gear issues 3nm SE of Start Point.  The crew found the problem to be fishing lines fouling the rudder. ALB crew cleared the lines the vessel was able to continue its journey under its own power.

  • 17 Aug 17:52 (23)

    Salcombe ALB launched to assist 12m sailing vessel 1nm SE of Start Point, reported to be having issues with its spinnaker and lines possibly wrapped around its prop. On scene the volunteer lifeboat crew were able to clear spinnaker and lines, allowing vessel to continue its journey under its own power.

  • 16 Aug 12:54 (22)

    Salcombe ALB launched to assist 44ft motor vessel with two people on board and taking on water, approximately 6nm WSW of Bolt Head. Crew from the lifeboat were able reduce the water level and the casualty vessel proceeded to Salcombe under one engine, escorted by the lifeboat.
  • 13 Aug 06: 41 (21)

    Salcombe ILB launched to assist a 48ft yacht with engine failure and little/no winds south of Bolt Head.  Whilst returning casualty vessel under tow  the lifeboat came across a drifting dinghy which was also taken under tow.

  • 8 Aug 21:05 (20)

    Salcombe ILB tasked to a report of two males stranded on an inflatable mattress. When found neither of the casualties had a life jacket and both admitted being none competent swimmers.  Casualties transferred to the lifeboat and returned to Salcombe.

  • 31 July 08:05 (19)

    Salcombe ILB tasked to assist the Police and Coastguard in a shoreline search in the Bolt Head/Soar Mill area.

  • 27 July 05:30 (18)

    Salcombe ALB tasked to a medical emergency aboard a Fishing Vessel 10nm South of Start Point. Casualty evacuated to the lifeboat for safe transfer to CG Helicopter and onward journey to hospital.

  • 26 July 14:10 (17)

    ILB was tasked to investigate DSC alarm in Starehole Bay, possible rib swamped. On their return to Salcombe the ILB also investigated beached motorboat & assisted in re-floating.

  • 23 July 03:45 (16)

    ALB launched to assist a small yacht with engine failure 3Nm SW of Bolt Head with 2 POB. Casualty towed into Salcombe

  • 22 July 20:15 (15)

    ALB was once again launched to assist 21′ motor vessel with engine problems, 1.5 Nm South of Start Point with 5 POB. Vessel towed back into Salcombe.

  • 22 July 14:20 (14)

    ALB launched to assist Hope Cove Lifeboat and a 28’ vessel aground at the mouth of the Erme.  Vessel re-floated and continued its travel to Plymouth.

  • 22 July 12:13 (13)

    ILB launched to assist ski boat with steering failure off Hallsands with 2 POB. Casualty taken under tow, returned to Salcombe.

  • 17 July 11:52 (12)

    ILB launched to 6m RIB with engine failure half mile South of Salcombe.  RIB towed back to harbour.

  • 12 July 15:50 (11)

    ILB launched to reports of an injured person at South Sands. Casualty found to have been treated by a doctor on beach.  ILB returned to station.

  • 7 July 20:30 (10)

    ILB Launched to reports of capsized dinghy in Starehole Bay with 1 POB.  ILB assisted in righting vessel and towing back into Salcombe.

  • 5 July 14:40 (9)

    ALB Launched to an inflatable rib with 1 POB and engine failure, lifeboat towed vessel back to Salcombe.

  • 2 July 14:00 (8)

    Salcombe ALB launched to reports of a 20ft motorboat in difficulty off Start Point. ALB established a tow into calm waters before handing the tow over to Dart.

  • 27 June 2020 18:39 (7)

    Salcombe ILB, tasked along with Prawle Point CG and Bigbury CRT, to a person fallen from the cliffs at Splat Cove. Lifeboat assisted with transfer of casualty to ambulance for onward journey to hospital.

  • 27 June 2020 10:13 (5 & 6)

    Both Salcombe ALB and ILB Lifeboats launched into choppy seas following CG reports of alerts being received from a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB). After an extensive search, with Helo support and nothing found both lifeboats returned to station.

  • 23 June 2020 14:43 (4)

    Salcombe ALB Launched to reports of a 35’ Motorboat with engine failure 1NM North East of Start Point. Once casualty was located the Lifeboat secured a line  and towed vessel into Dartmouth.

  • 09 June 2020 20:18 (03)

    Salcombe ALB launched to reports of a distress 406 PLB 4nm west of Hope Cove activated. Shortly after launching it was confirmed it had been set off in error, lifeboat stood down and returned to station.

  • 29 May 2020 11:42 (02)

    ALB Launched to reports of 5 people in difficulty approximately 1 mile off South Milton Sands.

    Ten minutes after the initial launch request, the coastguard issued a ‘cancel launch’ message. However, with some confusion remaining about the number of people in the water the ALB, along with Hope Cove lifeboat should continue to the scene and ensure there were no further people in distress. Following a search of the area and no further concerns reported, the ALB returned to station, refuelled, and washed down.

  • 20 May 2020 21:01 (01)

    Salcombe ILB tasked to medical emergency at East Portlemouth. Upon arrival the crew found that a medical professional was already on scene. Casualty was transferred by ILB to waiting ambulance in Salcombe.

  • 12 Dec 2019 19:50 (60)

    Salcombe ILB Launched to a situation at Bowcombe Bridge to assist Police and Coastguard.  After approximately an hour the Lifeboat was stood down with Police and Coastguard able to deal with the incident.

  • 11 Nov 2019 14:00 (59)

    Salcombe ALB Launched following CG reports of a missing person in the Bigbury Bay area.  After a protracted search alongside Hope Cove independent Lifeboat, Police helicopter and CG teams and with nothing found the sea search was called off.

  • 1 Nov 2019 00:29 (58)

    Salcombe ALB Launched to reports of a 20’ Yacht dragging anchor 2 NM North West of Bolt Tail. The Hope Cove Lifeboat was on scene but was requesting the help of Salcombe Lifeboats. The one person aboard the yacht was extremely tired and struggling to complete a tow, the ALB was able to put a crew member aboard the yacht to connect a tow line and bring the yacht back to Salcombe.  Once on station the casualty was able to get a warm shower, have his cloths dried and warm drinks.

  • 27 Oct 2019 15:49 (57)

    Salcombe ALB Launched to reports of a 36’ Yacht with engine failure and sail damage, 2 NM South of Start Point. Upon arrival at scene the Lifeboat crew were able to establish the casualty had sorted the issues he had been faced with. Casualty was happy to continue under its own power towards Dartmouth.

  • 22 Oct 2019 20:29 (56)

    Salcombe ALB Launched to reports of a 50’ Motor boat with engine failure 10nm South West of Bolt Head. After a short search the Lifeboat located the casualty and towed back into Salcombe Harbour.

  • 17 Oct 2019 16:52 (54 & 55)

    Salcombe ALB and ILB Lifeboats launched to reports of a person at risk on the bridge at Newbridge. Both boats conducted a thorough search of the area with nothing found.  Crews returned to station, outcome classed as false alarm with good intent

  • 30 Sept 2019 18:54 (52& 53)

    Salcombe ILB and Boarding Boat Launched to reports of an unmanned Rib drifting up the Harbour. The Lifeboat located the vessel that had broken its mooring and towed it back to Whitestrand. False alarm with good intent.

  • 29 Sept 2019 12:34 (51)

    Salcombe ALB Launched to reports of a life raft missing from a yacht near Soar Mill Cove. The Lifeboat located and recovered the life raft preventing a possible search later in the day if reported by other marine traffic.

  • 28 Sept 2019 16:37 (49 & 50)

    Salcombe ILB and Boarding Boat Launched to reports of an overdue Dinghy returning to Salcombe Harbour. After a short search the sailor was located safe and well ashore. False Alarm with good intent.