Our Crew

We have 2 x full time employees, Coxswain Chris Winzar and Mechanic Sam Viles. The strategic location of Salcombe being the southern tip of Devon with some challenging headlands and waters, and proximity to busy Shipping Lanes requires a Lifeboat Station permanently manned with 2 senior full time RNLI employees.

In addition, there are 22 sea-going volunteer crew. These are all employed outside the RNLI doing their day jobs but are available when required to man the boats.

Of the current crew , 18 are employed in the Marine and Fishing industry locally, and 5 are non-marine including two Doctors, all are trained by RNLI to a high standard.

Training takes place weekly in Salcombe, is structured and rigorous. In addition the crew attend the RNLI college at Poole for one week training sessions.

Christmas / NY : Between the 24 sea-going personnel there will always be a core of at least 10 available to man the boats, this means that they will voluntarily stay off the booze over the festive period in readiness to go to sea.

Chris Winzar

Sam Viles

Cameron Sims-Sterling
Second Coxswain

James Cooper
Assistant Mechanic & ILB Helm

Richard Clayton
Assistant Mechanic & ALB Crew

Rich Park
Assistant Mechanic & ILB Helm

James Fern
Assistant Mechanic & ILB Helm

Chris Turns
ILB Helm & ALB Crew

Symon Cater
ILB Helm & ALB Crew

Iain Dundas
ILB Helm & ALB Crew

Marcus McCheyne
ILB Helm & ALB Crew

Imogen Robinson
ALB & ILB Crew

Paul Markland
ALB Crew & DLA

Matt Davies
ALB & ILB Crew

Chris Kemp
ALB & ILB Crew

Dave Moxham
ALB & ILB Crew

Mike Beard
System Engineer & ALB

Robin Hodges
ALB & ILB Crew

Adrian Dornom
ALB & ILB Crew

James Marshall
ALB & ILB Crew

Jeff Gillard
ALB & ILB Crew

Peter Bennet
ALB Crew

Nathan Dundas
ALB & ILB Crew

Mark Dowie
Lifeboat Operations Manager

Andrew Arthur
DLOM, Launching Authority & Treasurer

Simon Evans
Launching Authority

Graham Parker
Launching Authority

Ian Stewart
Launching Authority

Bruce Harding
Launching Authority

Nigel Blazeby
Launching Authority

Esther McClarty

Dee Collins
Shore Crew & Visits Officer

Dave Dancox
Shore Crew & Press Officer

Jen Hicks
Shore Crew

Doug O’Malley
Shore Crew

Sam Long
Shore Crew