Gun Salute

Regrettably, an urgent operational task has resulted in HMS SUTHERLAND being committed elsewhere and she will not now be able to join the flotilla of six lifeboats for the wreath-laying ceremony at 1215 on Thursday 27 October.

A small arms detachment from the Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth has, however, agreed to step into the breach and fire a 13 gun salute from 5.56mm rifles as the wreaths are laid – one gun for each soul lost; they will fire from a position in the gardens of “The Bolt” at South Sands which will be open from 11:45am.

A  Maritime and Coast Guard Agency rescue helicopter will also now join the lifeboats for the ceremony.

Although a disappointing development, SUTHERLAND’s absence will not detract from the principal aim, that of an appropriate commemoration of the disaster 100 years ago this week.