August Fundraisers


1st August – Kingsbridge Street collection day

15th August – Lifeboat Open Day

RNLI Salcombe Volunteer crew and supporters are looking forward to opening both the ALB and ILB Lifeboats to the public on Wednesday 15th August from 10:30 a.m. – 15:00.

The Open Day gives the public, both young and old, a chance to get up close and see for themselves the lifeboats and equipment used by the volunteers to help them save lives at sea.

All subject to operational needs.

As normal the Lifeboat shop and museum will be open and joining us this year will be the RNLI Face-to-Face team. Raffle tickets for this year’s Autumn Draw will also be available.

17th August Salcombe Regatta.

The RNLI Salcombe Fundraisers, the RNLI Face-to-Face team and Lifeguards will be present on Whitestrand to answer questions and give advice on the ‘Respect the Water’ and ‘Float for Your Life’ campaigns.

25th & 26th August Hope Cove

Salcombe Lifeboat Fundraisers will be in attendance throughout the weekend with many souvenirs available, plus a selection of the RNLI 2018 Christmas cards, always in big demand!